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Festive Chocolate Treats, the name says it all. I am Sabira Ali, owner of festive chocolate treats. As a stay at home Mom for 3 young ones, I had no intention of starting this business. This all started over a year ago when I was finding ways to entertain my kids during the holiday season. Chocolate bombs were trending those days so I came up with an idea of making a chocolate bomb with halal marshmallows so my kids can enjoy winter by having some hot cocoa.

They all loved it! So I decided to make some more with different flavors and themes which I passed it on to my family and friends. With positive feedback, Festive chocolate bombs came into existence. With so many different varieties and it being halal, the word got out fast and orders of treats started flowing in. Popularity of my chocolate bombs made me do more and now I have flavorful treats for any occasion. This is a story about my home-based business.

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Chocolate Bombs

Chocolate bombs are chocolate sphere filled with hot chocolate mix and lots of marshmallows! Pour steaming hot milk/water over chocolate bomb and watch the chocolate melt away pop out those marshmallows into your mug.

Chai & Herbal Bombs

Chai bombs are white chocolate sphere filled with special tea mix . Our chai bombs doesnot contain marshmallows. Pour steaming hot milk/water over chocolate bomb, stir and enjoy your cup of chai!

Dipped Treats

It is collection of awesome chocolate-dipped confections is enough to satisfy anyone's chocolate craving. These treats easily become great food gifts to bring to neighbors, parties, and teachers.

Breakable Treats

Surprise your loves ones with this breakable heart! You can put anything inside the heart as long as its smaller than 7 inch. it comes with handful of chocolates.

Cakes & letter Cakes

Cake is a fun fusion dessert to celebrate festivities or any special occasion. It combines of Indian dessert Rasmalai in the form of cake, making it totally irresistible.

Dessert Shooters Size

Dessert shooters are totally on-trend. These layered mini desserts are carefully prepared in shot glasses (or dessert shooter glasses) for an adorable presentation that’s perfectly portioned to save everyone from over-indulging


Cupcakes are everyones favorite. They are super tasty, light and fluffy and just meltd in your mouth


Now you can enjoy cheesecakes on your dessert table.These homemade graham cracker crust has a smooth and creamy cheesecake filling, with a variety of fillings.


Once the butter is lightly bubbling, place cookies in the pan. Leave them in just long enough so that they begin to brown on the bottom. Remove from heat, and with your (very clean) hand, slightly dent the tops and sides to create a slightly "homemade" look.

Rice Krispies

Original Rice krispies are perfect munching snack. Loved by kids and adults.

Custom Treats

Discover the convenience of Custom Treats today and see what you've been missing!

Milk Cakes

Milk Cake is a traditional Indian milk fudge that's made of milk, sugar, ghee, and an acidic agent such as lemon juice.


They are bite-sized nature, bright colors, and tempting textures make them hard to resist. These cookies have a crunchy exterior and a soft filling, typically made of a ganache, buttercream, or jam. These cookies are available in a variety of flavors.

Brownie Bites

Mini Cupcakes are also available in Chocolate, Vanilla & Red Velvet $6/Dozen, Min order qty. 3 Dozen.

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